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A Midsummer Night's Dream in Montpellier

  • Opéra national de Montpellier (map)

"Benjamin Britten and his companion Peter Pears imagined a free adaptation of Shakespeare's masterpiece The Dream of a Summer Night . The enfant terrible of English music has conceived a universe where an exceptional variety of musical climates is found side by side with Shakespearean theater. The work is reactivated by a renewed dramaturgical approach, in contact with the themes of purity and innocence, the night and the dream in opposition to the real world, by nature deceptive and violent. Highly colored instrumentation and a central masculine role entrusted to a counter-tenor fully participate in this feast of senses, interspersed with humor, love and magic.

New production Opera Orchestra Nation Montpellier Occitanie"


  • Tito Muñoz - musical direction

  • Ted Huffman - staging

  • Marsha Ginsberg - decorations

  • DM Wood - lights

  • Annemarie Woods - costume

  • James Hall - Oberon

  • Florie Valiquette - Tytania

  • Richard Wiegold - Theseus

  • Polly Leech - Hippolyta

  • Thomas Atkins - Lysander

  • Matthew Durkan - Demetrius

  • Virginie Verrez - Hermia

  • Marie-Adeline Henry - Helena

  • Luiz-Ottavio Faria - Bottom

  • Nicholas Crawley - Quince

  • Paul Curievici - Flute

  • Daniel Grice - Snug

  • Colin Judson - Snout

  • Toby Girling - Starveling